Got a Question?

It might be one of these:

How does it work?

It’s simple! Go to our ‘Shows’ page and scroll through the options. When you have a Gilligan for one of the shows, click that show and let us hear it in the comments!

What if  I have a Gilligan for a show that isn’t on the site?

You’re hired! Not actually. But all you have to do is comment right here on the bottom of this page, telling us what show we’re missing. After that, we will review your suggestion and post the show as soon as possible.

Will there ever be prizes or contests for the best Gilligans?

So glad you asked! Soon, we will begin: “This Week’s Winning Gilligan.” A contest that will reward the keen author of our favorite comment from that week with some free merchandise.

What about movies? Huh? What do you have against them?

Nothing! In fact we are planning on adding a ‘Movies’ section in the near future. As with the shows, please feel free to slide into our comments and suggest some!