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Each episode of this series covers an hour in a day in the life of CSU superagent Jack Bauer. In that 24 hours Jack fights spies, thwarts terrorists, corrupt governments, and saves millions of lives while never stopping to eat, sleep, or go to the bathroom.



How does jack go full “days” without ever going to the bathroom when I can’t sit through a 2 hour movie without getting up to piss?Kelly S.



6 thoughts on “24

  1. did you notice that jack can cross DC shoot up some bad guys, save the
    presidents and meet some one at the reflection pool in the same hour?

  2. How come Jack gets in shoot outs in the middle of the worst LA traffic
    and the police never show up? On top of that, he jacks a guy and throws
    him out onto the street and no one seems to notice…no wonder there is
    so much crime in LA!

  3. Jack bauer has saved the United States from utter peril multiple times
    yet the government still insisted he should be arrested for the torture
    charges- SERIOUSLY?! They should let him do watever he wants!!

  4. How come Jack Bauer always has cell phone service no matter where he is? I gotta switch to his provider.

  5. Whenever Jack got a distress call he would always say he’d be there in 5 minutes.
    Oh, come on! You can’t even get to the end of your street in 5 minutes when you live in LA.

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