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Friends is a show about six people who live in (apparently all-white) New York City and hang out with each other all the time. We know the synopses are usually more detailed, but that’s pretty much it.



I understand that Monica’s apartment was her grandmother’s rent controlled place so I guess that rent was affordable. But what about Chandler – he had a job but that place was HUGE for NY. You know Joey had no money so was Chandler dealing on the side?Poes27



7 thoughts on “Friends

  1. If Rachel and Ross had Emma, how come neither of them ever took care of her??? She was never around!

  2. In the real world, Phoebe would have been booed off the stage of the cafe. Especially after “Smelly Cat.” Come on, people.

  3. Monica was a chef in a New York City restaurant but was always available
    to hang out with her friends at NIGHT!!! A chef who only works in the
    daytime works in a school cafeteria, not a Manhattan restaurant. Her clientele
    would have had to be old people who eat dinner at 4.

  4. They were all barely working and yet they had giant New York apartments.
    When I was barely employed in New York I had a studio apartment with
    two roommates! One of those apartments should’ve been split down the
    middle with a jersey sheet.

  5. Sure they were friends but how come they never had any OTHER friends? They should have called the show “Clique.”

  6. Anyone ever notice that the “friends” apartment doors are almost never locked?

    NYC isn’t exactly one of the safest cities in the world…

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