Happy Days

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Ah to be middle class in the Midwest in the 1950′s! This decade-long series centers around the lives of the Cunningham family and a large crowd of unsupervised teenagers with names like Fonzie, Potsie, Malph and Chachi.


So, Fonzie could make a jukebox turn off and on with his fist? And he could snap and make cars start? Did he get in some sort of radioactive accident in an episode I missed? They should cast him in the next season of Heroes.Scotty'84



9 thoughts on “Happy Days

  1. Let’s be serious. Fonzie was a grown man and a high school drop out hanging out at a diner with a bunch of high school kids.
    Creepy much? Kinda the opposite of what someone would call “cool” nowadays.

  2. What the heck happened to Chuck Cunningham, Richie Cunningham’s older brother? He was in a few episodes and then disappeared.
    I think they explained briefly in an episode that he went off to college. But who goes to college and never comes home again?
    Did Mr. and Mrs. C have some dark secret in their past that Chuck was hiding from?

  3. RE: MaryB
    The show was supposed to be about Chuck, the older brother.
    It ended up being about Fonzi and Richie and
    friends. In a later Thanksgiving episode, they have a moment of
    remeberence of the death of brother Chuck. I think he ended up getting
    drafted in the army?

    How does a hardware store owner buy such a big house?

  4. RE: David and Mary
    Not only did chuck disappear,but there house was different. After the
    first year they were in a different house,but it has the same outside.

  5. Fonzie never actually beat anyone up, right? So why was everyone afraid
    of him? Especially when there would be the shows version of a gang fight
    about to happen. there would be a gang of bikers or what not, and who
    was on da Fonz’s side, oh yeah Richie, Potsie, & Ralph Mouth. Ohhhhh
    now I know why they were all scared of da Fonz, look who he had backing
    him up. hehehehe. Gotta be a Gilligan.

  6. Let’s talk about the episode where a martian named Mork stops by and
    threatens to take Richie to his home planet, until the Fonzie fights him
    and spoils his plan.

    A martian? Really? When Richie eventually joins the Army, didn’t he want to report this man from outer space to the government?

  7. RE: norm z
    Don’t get me started on Mork! How about the fact that Mork visits Happy
    Days in the 50’s and soon after goes to Denver to hang out with Mindy in
    1978? He’s a time traveler too?

  8. Fonzie’s “office” was in the men’s bathroom of Arnold’s Drive-in. Uh.. *looks around* yuck!

    And once the diner burned down and the Fonz became part owner, his
    office was STILL in the bathroom. He put a desk in there! And this is
    the coolest guy in town? I respect a guy with tradition but come on.

  9. RE: Wendy
    During Fonzies time, the boys room was a place of reverance. With a code of conduct. He was still way cool…..

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