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After Oceanic Air flight 815 tore apart in mid-air and crashed on a Pacific island, its survivors were forced to find inner strength they never knew they had in order to stay alive. But they soon discovered that the island holds many secrets, including the uncanny ability to keep the survivors clean-shaven and free from sunburn!

Why is Hurley still so fat? I know, I know. He eats the ranch dressing that dropped from the sky onto the island. But just how much dressing can one guy eat? Are you telling us the island can cure paralysis and cancer, but not obesity? Sounds like the peeps at ABC didn’t wanna recast the role lol.LiveStrong801



14 thoughts on “Lost

  1. They were only technically on the island for 45 days or so (not counting
    all the time shifts) But, really, who packs enough clothes for a month
    and a half and where is the laundromat?

  2. The biggest Gilligan about this show is:

    HOW did ANYONE survive that crash? The plane broke in two in mid air.

    The foundation of the show is a Gilligan.

  3. Why did Sawyer have a sweatshirt that fit Hurley well? You don’t have to work in retail to notice the size difference…

  4. RE: Laurbar94
    Sawyers shirt was stretched out and there are ways to cut hair without a
    basic razor and they even had razors you see in season 1. EPIC FAIL!

  5. If Polar Bears are dying in the North Pole due to global warming, how do they manage to stay alive on a tropical island? #TheGilliganFactor

  6. At the end of Season 3, why does Charlie shut himself inside a room that
    is about to be filled with water instead of outside of it? Was the poor
    guy suicidal?

  7. RE: Molly
    He shut himself in to save Desmond from drowning too. He took one for the team to fulfill Desmond’s premonitions.

  8. One baby on the entire island and you’re the man that has to change its diapers… That would be enough to make me suicidal lol.

  9. They have been on that island for months, so how come not one woman has hair under her arms!?

  10. RE: Kathyw
    They had razors for a short time after the crash but then when they got
    into the hatch, there was a fresh supply waiting for everyone.

  11. RE: Kathy + BLG
    If I was on an island and didn’t shave for three months it would look like I was hiding ZZ Top in my armpits.

  12. RE: this armpit hair debate
    Maybe the same mystical properties of the island that have cured Locke’s
    legs and Rose’s cancer also keep the growth of unwanted body hair
    neatly in check?

  13. RE: smooth pits
    Perhaps the Others sneak into the Losties’ camp every night while
    they’re sleeping to give them each a shave and a haircut. ‘Cause,
    really, who wants to see a hairy woman? jk

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