Sex and the City

show synopsis:

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Four stylish New York chicks talk about sex, then eat, then have sex, then drink martinis, discuss Manhattan living all while having sex and talking about it at the same time. Then everyone buys shoes. The end.


According to a career website I checked the average salary for a columnist is $35,000/year. Even assuming Carrie was making 5x that there is no way she could afford to live in NYC, Dress in the designers she was wearing, and live the lifestyle she was living. Smells like a Gilligan…Stephshoes



2 thoughts on “Sex and the City

  1. The only time(s) they showed Carie having sex, she still had her top on. Um, who does that? Especially if they’ve got nice boobs!

  2. With all of the eating (with no exercise) they do on that show, shouldn’t they weigh 800 pounds? FOH…

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